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“Une perspective Washingtonienne sur l’échec de Copenhague : les causes, le contexte et les conséquences”

Presentation at L’Ecole des Mines de Paris in March, 2010 offering a US perspective on crucial energy topics such as the Copenhagen climate conference, the role of coal in the US electricity economy, CO2 and EOR, and more.

Further information on the conference series at the Ecole des Mines de Paris (Mines ParisTech) is available at


A PDF version is available at:

“Potential Regulatory Frameworks for an Expanded CO2 Pipeline Network: A Look into Galadriel’s Mirror”

In May, Mr. Marston delivered a presentation on CO2 pipeline regulation at the 9th Annual CCS Conference in Pittsburgh.  The presentation reviews the characteristics of oil pipelines, natural gas pipelines and CO2 pipelines and explains what those characteristics mean for the potential regulation of CO2 pipelines.

'Doing the deal': standards for qualifying sequestration under US Federal and state regulation
Presentation at the "2e Colloque International sur le Captage et Stockage G
éologique du CO2" (Paris, 2007).

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